202 Partners 'None of us is as smart as all of us'

202 focus on commercialization of emerging enterprise software technology

What we do
  • Build revenues and relationships for startups, re-starts and mature IT vendors
  • Help US tech companies do business with the Federal Government and in other regulated markets
  • Help international companies do business in the U.S. and with the Government
  • Assist with key activities for product introduction, growth, media and investor relations
What makes us special
  • Subject matter experts in cybersecurity, mobility, IoT, law and policy
  • Familiarity with modern cloud, open source, data analytics, AI and machine learning infrastructures
  • Proven track record in strategic B2B enterprise sales hunting, marketing and product management
  • Deep knowledge and market contacts in federal, autonomous vehicles / IoT, healthcare and finance
  • Broad professional culture in successful startups and multinationals in the U.S. and abroad
  • We do not specialize in areas like recruiting, distribution, reselling, contract vehicles or inside sales but instead partner in those areas
What kinds of emerging technology solutions do we like
  • Emerging tech in enterprise software tied to cybersecurity, mobility and IoT
  • Fills a gap in the market rather than a “me too”
  • More effective than legacy solutions e.g. R&D from academia, DoD or IC
  • Focuses on automation rather than professional services or hardware
  • Can be made easy to use and operationalize
  • Can be made affordable and scalable
SAE World Congress, Detroit 2017
Cyber unsafe at any speed talkCyber unsafe at any speed talk
Constellation Event, Virginia 2017, and DCA Live, Virginia 2018
Three Apostles - Laitin, Tseronis, HartleyDCA Live Event, Virginia 2018
Cybersecurity & mobility work

RunSafe Skorpion Samsung
  • Worked closely with Apple on hardening iOS for strong government and enterprise security
  • Collaborated closely with Samsung on hardening Android for the same
  • Teamed with leading Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) companies with hardening
  • Introduced mobile CAC/PIV 2FA smart cards, derived certificates and FIPS 140-2 to Government
  • Pioneered automated tools for large scale mobile deployments

Cybersecurity & IoT work

  • Teamed with DARPA on hardening of DoD IoT systems for vehicles, drones and medical devices
  • Pen tested and hardened critical infrastructure from the cloud, to networking components, to embedded systems
  • Participate with Society of Automotive Engineers IoT Cybersecurity Committee
  • Contributors to SAE’s new “Cybersecurity for Commercial Vehicles” book
Cybersecurity, law & policy work