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Cyber unsafe at any speed

Cyber unsafe at any speed
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Had the privilege of presenting at the Society of Automotive Engineer's 2017 World Congress.

Was a pleasure to hear and meet so many of the folks involved in cybersecurity for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles from SAE itself, to Auto-ISAC, to manufacturers, suppliers, cybersecurity specialists, academia and Homeland Security.

Had the opportunity to go-over all the progress that has been made and also to highlight 3 areas deserving of more attention:

  • Systematically running pen tests with independent testers
Who has the most hacking expertise and motivation?
  • Updating for the forgotten ¼ billion vehicles already on US roads
No Model Year 2020 technology can avoid today’s ditches.
Fleets are the most vulnerable.
  • Reducing attack surface across the entire supply chain, mitigating weak links
Use DoD, Fed & LE learning by retrofitting CAN bus IPS, RASP & similar tools

Transportation critical infrastructure shares many of same vulnerabilities as energy, emergency response and other sectors when viewed end-to-end.
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