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202 focus on commercialization of emerging enterprise software technology

202 is a boutique enterprise software sales advisory focusing on commercialization of emerging technology, building revenues and relationships for startups, re-starts, and mature IT vendors. We specialize in cybersecurity, mobility, and IoT, with cloud and analytics back-ends, in early and highly regulated markets. We have worked with some of the most savvy investors, smartest experts, and coolest startups in the DC / MD / VA (DMV) area, including Kaprica Security, RunSafe Security, Spectrum Comm, ViiMed, Shevirah, Apcerto, Celebrite, and more.

Peter Laitin - Principal
Peter Laitin
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  • Co-Founded 202 in 2014.
  • 20+ years in federal and commercial software sales
  • Peter is a well-known go-to person in the areas of cybersecurity and enterprise mobility around the 495 loop representing companies like Cellebrite, RunSafe Security (25 million startup), Kaprica Security (acquired by Samsung), Invincea (acquired by Sophos), Good Technology (acquired by BlackBerry), Thursby Software (acquired by Identiv), RSA Security, and Verisign
  • Peter is a native Washingtonian with an established federal and private network with a proven track record in some of the most notable IT security and mobility deployments in the federal government, including DISA, USDA and the FBI
  • He is a second generation DC insider, beginning his career by interning for the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, following in the footsteps of his father, Joe Laitin, who served 18 years in government under 5 presidents, beginning as a Whitehouse Press Secretary
  • Peter holds BA degrees in PR and Marketing from U-Ashford, as well as Political Science and Government from U-Indiana Bloomington

Swim lanes philosophy
202 Partners Swim Lanes
  • 202 are focused on high quality, collaborative teamwork
  • Everyone has a specialized role and their own swim lane
  • We all swim in the same direction, with shared goals and aligned rewards
  • We embrace a diversity of motivated swimmers from all backgrounds
  • We believe in small teams of A+ players, not battalions of B or C players, or solo superheroes, who start well but struggle to deliver